What is Arduino???

what is arduino


We are often hearing about arduino board a lot. Some say, its a board used for developing nice projects, some say its an engineers tool, some say its a microcontroller board, and some say its fairly simple thing to play with. The fact? all the statements above are TRUE!!! Yes. Arduino board is basically a board with a powerful processor on it, now what is processor? We have heard that processor is there in a Computer. Arduino board is having a similar thing, but it is not as powerful as computer. Its also not as costly as that of computer. A computer processor requires a motherboard to operate which houses all the required things for the microprocessor. In the other hand, arduino has something called as Micro-Controller. Yes, micro controller is a kind of processor itself, but it does not require any motherboard. Micro-controller is an electronic chip which can be directly connected to any external world devices, like sensors, LED’s, switches etc… directly and it can be programmed to do our desired task. The beauty is, micro controllers can be reprogrammed again and again for finishing our job the way we want it to be done. Arduino is basically a micro controller board.

For Whom?

what is arduino

Being said its a micro controller board, who is suitable to use Arduino Board? There’s more interesting answer to this. Arduino was developed with a sole purpose to make it usable for ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who is interested in using it. The only thing you require to use an Arduino board is understanding of English for writing programs for Arduino board. The intention was to make Arduino easy to use by any artist, hobbyist, enthusiast, or engineer. So even if you’re a school going student, a collegian, working somewhere, or retired getting bored, Arduino is for Everyone. Anyone who can read the english can write programs for arduino and develop some really cool Projects.