Lesson 2 – Getting Started With Playme

In previous lesson we have seen features of Playme Robot. In this lesson we will see how to install programming software for playme and its required libraries. Before starting programs with Playme some steps are to be followed:

Downloading of Software, for playme we will need mblock software which is available in your CD or you can download it from given link.From below link, download both mblock and Playme.zip fileCLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD mblockDownload Installation of Software:

Educational Robot for kids
mBlock Installation

After downloading software you will get this mBlock_win_V3.4.10 file. Double click on that. Your installation process will startYou will get this option.Select your language. And then click on OK.

Educational Robot
Select Language

Select “I accept the agreement” option. And click on “Next>” button.

Educational Robot
Accepting Terms and Condition of mBlock

This will show you location where your software is going to be installed. Click on Next > Button.

Educational Robot
Set The location for File Extraction

Click on Next> Button.

Educational Robot
Browsing File

Click on Next> button

Educational Robot
Creating Desktop Shortcut

To install software click on “Install” option.

Educational Robot

Educational Robot
File Installation

After installation is finished. It will show you following message. Click on finish option and open mblock

Educational Robot
Last step of Installation

You will see following screen on your computer.

Educational Robot
Home Screen of mBlock

Go to Extension menu and select manage Extension option

Educational Robot
Manage Extensions

Click on Installed option and check Playme Robot library is available there or not.

Educational Robot
Add Extensions

If there is no such option then click on Add Extension Option. You will get this. You will get “json” and “zip file” option. Select “zip file” option. After this select Playme zip file. And click on Open option.

Eduacational Robot
Select Zip File

Check installed option. You can see Playme Robot library is installed in your manage Extension.

Educational Robot
Playme Extension File

Now go to Edit option. Select Arduino mode for programming.

Educational Robot
Selecting Arduino Mode

After selecting Arduino mode you will get this window.

Educational Robot
Arduino Mode-Screen

Now Click on Robot Option. In that select Playme option. You can see blocks related to Playme Robot.

Educational Robot
Select Robot Menue

Drag one Block Playme Robot Program . This will initialize all library functions required for Play me.

Educational Robot
Playme Event Block

Goto Control option and select Forever option. This forever will help us for continuous execution of program. Once you are entering any block inside this forever it will execute or Run infinitely.

Educational Robot
Control_ Loop-Forever

Take block “Left LED” and place it inside forever block. Left Led is user led of play me Robot.

Educational Robot
Block For Left LED

Take Right LED Block and place it below Left LED Block as shown in diagram. Go to Control Option and  drag “wait 1 sec” and put it after Right LED block. To make LED ON select HIGH option for both LEFT and RIGHT LEDs.

Educational Robot
Program for Left and Right LED

Now put same blocks and Make both LEDs LOW. This will make LEDs OFF for 1 sec.

Educational Robot
Prog. for Left and Right

Goto File option. Click on “save project”.

Educational Robot
Program Saving

Give name to project and save it.

Educational Robot
File Name

Click on Boards option and select Arduino Nano (mega 328)Board.

Educational Robot
Save File

Click on connect option and select Serial port for program downloading. If you are unable to find out COM Port number then goto device manager.

Educational Robot
Accessing Device Port

Click on Ports option. You will get this COM port number only when your Playme is connected to your computer or laptop

Educational Robot
USB Com Port

Now select your COM port number.

Educational Robot
Connecting With Serial Port

Click on Upload to Arduino option. This will load program into Play me Robot.

Educational Robot
Uploading Program to Arduino

After successful downloading of program it will show you following message.

Educational Robot
Message After Program Uploaded Successfully

Congratulations!!! You’ve just downloaded your first Robot Program

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