Machine Learning using Tensorflow

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Course Contents


Concepts of Artificial intelligence

What is AI, Deep learning and Machine learning and how they’re related. Real World Case studies

Quick Overview of Python

Python programming, input and outputs in python, loop and conditional statements, file handling, using Arrays in Python. Graphs in Python. Using IDLE and Jupyter Notebook

What is Machine Learning

What is machine learning and what are the different machine learning algorithms. How they’re different. Installation of tensorflow and all related softwares in computer. Supervised and unsupervised learning. Reinforcement learning. Classification, regression and estimation

ML Project -1

Basics of Computer Vision algorithm, opening and closing image. Understanding Neural networks. Using frozen model for classification and running a desktop application for classifying objects

ML Project - 2

Machine Learning for object detection in scene, using the object detection module and perform python program for real time object detection

Mega ML Project

Create a custom machine learning model using real world objects, keys, toffees and likes and create a complete object recognition system. Image labeling, running the machine learning model training, and use the trained output model file for a real application. Requires higher processing power CPU+GPU



  • Working Professionals

  • Students


What you will learn?

  • Concepts of AI and Machine Learning

  • Tensorflow

  • Python Programming

  • Understanding ML Concepts

  • Neural Networks

  • Using frozen models

  • Training your own custom object detector

60 Minutes Daily 6-8 Weeks

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