Internet Of Things With Raspberry Pi & Microsoft Azure  

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Course Contents


Basic Concepts

Concepts of Internet of Things, Study of IOT Architecture, Common protocols and platforms for implantation of IoT

Raspberry Pi

User of Microcontrollers and Microprocessors in IoT applications , Raspberry Pi ,OS installation, Linux commands , Python Programming

Node MCU

Node MCU Software and Hardware. Program Downloading and understanding the Board structure, Inputs and Outputs

Interfaces -1

Digital I/O, projects based on digital output and inputs. Interfacing with LED, Relay, Buzzer, Switch and All Logic Devices. Analog Inputs, PWM output, LCD, Seven Segment LEDs, Complete project creation with all IO interfaces


Serial Port PC Interface Sending and receiving Data from PC.DC motor Interface, Sensors interfacing, analog and digital sensors, variety and type of various sensors.

IoT Project #1

Iot based Color Wheel

IoT Project#2

Internet based Home Automation

IoT Project#3

IoT based Security System

IoT Project#4

Real time Data Logging System

IoT Project#5

Weather Monitoring System



  • Diploma/Engineering

  • PG Students

  • Working Professionals

  • 12th and Graduation Student

What you will learn?

  • RPi and Linux

  • Python Programming and interfaces with PiLive

  • IoT Projects Creation

  • Creation Of Mini and Mega Project

  • Include Raspberry Pi kit and sensor as Deliverables 

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Industrial Project

Projects around all the Interfaces studied

Certified Training

At the end of your training program you will be awarded with certificate of completion.​

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Certified Training

With hundred percent of Practical and hands-on learning with project base challenges 

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