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Competition 2019 


Course Contents


Introduction to programming

Block based Programming and App Development.

Programming With Scratch 

Introduction to Scratch,Basic Components in a Scratch Project.Scratch Development Environment,Types Of Blocks, Block Categories.Programming Concepts (semantics), Types of Projects, Project Design Process 

App Inventor 

An Introduction to Programming. Building with MIT APP Inventor,App Inventor Too kit,Variables in App inventor,Procedures,Working With List,Games and Animation,Multiple Screen and Debugging Techniques, Using Media, using sensor,Data Bases, Distributing and APP,


Introduction,Working with Numeric and Categorical Data,

Deep Learning and Neural Architecture Search (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Auto-Keras, etc.)Deploying an AutoML Method A Look at the Algorithms Inside AutoML Ensembling Different Models Together Troubleshooting



Projects around all the Interfaces studied



  • Students from 4th STD+

  • Diploma

  • 12th and Graduation Students

  • Engineering Students

  • Any body who has bug of learning Programming 

What you will learn?

  • Scratch Programming

  • MIT App Development 

  • Cloud AutoML

  • Machine Learning 

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Hands On Exercises

With hundred percent of Practical and hands on learning with project base challenges 

What's there in Course

Parents and Teachers of students in classes 5 to 12 can register and submit for students (No Nominations required)

Class 5 - 10 students create a project using Scratch or App Inventor - fun and cool tools created by MIT.

Class 9 -12 students create a project on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning using Google Cloud AutoML - more information inside. 
Scratch and App Inventor projects from Class 11 - 12 will not be accepted

Projects can be submitted up to 31-August-2019 end of the day.

Win cool prizes.

Teacher with Pupils

Course Fees : ₹ 9500

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