Basic Electronics and PCB Design 

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Course Contents

Part 1


Basic Concepts

Basic Electronics Concepts, AC DC and all design-related concepts related to electricity and electronics. Component Identification. Working on components and a basic idea of use. Use of Digital Multimeter. Concept of Circuit designing, component selection. Breadboard introduction

Power Supply Design

Transformer, Rectifier, Practical circuit of Rectifier, voltage regulator, power supply, Regulated Power Supply, Fixed, And variable power supply Design

Transistorized switching and drivers

Transistor theory, NPN and PNP transistorized switching ULN2803 High Current Driver IC, Field effect transistors(FET), MOSFET, Relay Theory, basics of relay switching, L293D Driver

Sensors, motors, and timers

Proximity sensors, Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, Dc motor and its applications, IC 555 and its applications

Part 2

Introduction to PCB Design 

introduction to Single as well as double-sided PCB design 

Single-Sided PCB Design

Creating Schematic with easyEDA, Transistorized PCB Project 555 based PCB Project

PCB Design tools

Adding Ground Plane, Placing Jumper Export PCB for hand making

Double-Sided PCB Design

Introduction to Double-Sided PCB Design, First Double-Sided PCB Project Understanding SMT Components, Double Sided PCB with SMT components, Exporting Gerber File


Based on Basic Electronics and Pcb Design



  • Diploma

  • Engineering Students

  • 12th and Graduation Students


What you will learn?

  • Basics of Basic  Electronics and Pcb Design

  • Project Making With different circuits

  • Electronic Components and their Applications

  • Circuit designing

  • PCB Designing and PCB making

  • PCB Production data

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